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"True Stories: First Semester USF" -- fall 2015 Final Projects: Comic Books & Videos

  Final (comic book) Projects: Comic book or video or photo story MS 195-02 Fall 2015 "Mashup:  Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco" University of San Francisco Department of Media Studies Check out these excellent student final projects for the #USFca First Year Seminar, "Mashup: Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco," Fall 2015!          [image: Sydney Laron f2015] Final Projects Final student projects featured comic book/graphic novels, or short videos (3 min or less), or online text & photo stories. Content emerged through reflection techniques from Ignatian Contemplation and Paulo Freire, and focused on a few possible themes, "something I learned/experienced/found significant --       ... during my first semester at college/USF"  or       ... an idea or experience from this class" =============== THE PROJECTS: Clarissa: "The Adventures of Clarissa Garay" (comic book)