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"True Stories: First Year USF" -- fall 2019 Final Projects: Comic Books

Final Projects: Comic book or video or photo story MS 195-02 Fall 2019 "Mashup:  Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco" University of San Francisco Department of Media Studies Check out these excellent student final projects for the #USFca First Year Seminar, "Mashup: Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco," Fall 2019!      University of San Francisco, First Year Seminar: MS 195: "Mashup: Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco" Fall 2018 [image by Madison] As a final project, students created comic books/graphic novels, focusing on possible themes: "something I earned/experienced/found significant -- ... during my first semester at college/USF" or "... an idea or experience from this class."  A significant experience many chose to write about was a  "Digital Detox," where students did not use or go near electronic media for 24 hours.