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"True Stories: First Year USF" -- fall 2017 Final Student Projects: Comic Books

  Final Projects: Comic book or video or photo story MS 195-02 Fall 2017 "Mashup:  Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco" University of San Francisco Department of Media Studies Check out these excellent student final projects for the #USFca First Year Seminar, "Mashup: Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco," Fall 2017!      As a final project, students created comic books/graphic novels, focusing on possible themes: "something I earned/experienced/found significant -- ... during my first semester at college/USF" or ... an idea or experience from this class" The comics were created using ComicLife 3, from   Rachel: "Stressed but Socializing"   Alina: "Unplug: An Epic Journey to Freedom from Technology" Vittorio: "Cultural Hegemony" Anna: "Anna and Ar

Dia De los Muertos/Day of the Dead: USF Students' Stories about the Event, 2015-2018

Dia De Los Muertos is NOT “Mexican Halloween”  Dia De Los Muertos is different. Rather than fearing death, people celebrate it. The spirits are not scary, they are welcomed to roam among the living and come to their altar.  Halloween has its origins in Celtic pagan traditions; Dia De Los Muertos comes from the indigenous people of Mexico.    Each November 2, students in USF's First Year Seminar, "Mashup: Media & Pop Culture in San Francisco" attend the Dia de los Muertos procession and festival of altars at Garfield Park in San Francisco's Mission district. Check out their stories:  2018 Sally: / Dara: Maguire: =========== 2017