"Mashup" Students Check Out SF Mime Troupe's Production: Political, Musical Theater, 2015-2018

The San Francisco Mime Troupe:
Musical, political, satirical theatre in the parks

Each fall, some students in USF's First Year Seminar: MS 195: 'Mashup: Culture and Popin San Francisco' attend the San Francisco Mime Troupe's new production for the year.

Below are some of their responses to the SFMT's political satire, musical comedy show - it ain't silent "pantomime," but slapstick "mimic," as in satire.  For more info on the SFMT and the new show each year, visit  http://www.sfmt.org

Fall 2018: "Seeing Red"

Fall 2016: "Schooled"

Fall 2015: "Freedom Land"

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